Social Media In A Networked World

Just as Scholar Danah Boyd and Jessica Parker said, “two people are friends on a social network site does not mean that they interact that often.” In today’s world, this digital world, does social media bring us closer or further?

We shared our interests with our targeted audience and community. Simultaneously, we added friends on social media sites to expand our networking. Social media is a wonderful platform for people to exchange massive information and build relationships. But how do we make powerful connections through social media and real life? Many people live in the inbox, therefore, the best way to reach your networking is via E-mail.


Writing a good e-mail will help you stand out both in your career and study. You have to show your differences when you are writing an e-mail to your acquaintances. Personal Branding is more than just marketing and promoting yourself. If the subject line is interesting or attractive, it works better. When you are seeking for a job position, telling a good crisp story in your e-mail will help you to capture others’ eyes. Developing your content is the very first step to market yourself. I suggest to start with the big picture, fill in the details, and sum it all up. Be vivid when you are delivering messages. LinkedIn is also a smart approach to sell you. You have to make sure your keywords are in a place where people can find you easily. Though social media is very important, remember don’t overdo it. Focusing on the targeted social media sites will help you to make powerful connections.


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