V-day Marketing Campaign

If you interview Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory today, he would definitely say that “Valentine’s Day is about spending money to celebrate love.” What he said is true to some degree. Undoubtedly, lovers will be so happy on Valentine’ Day, but who else? Sellers! Yes, especially the retailers! In fact, Valentine’s Day gifts help many businesses meet their bottom line each year. To most couples, the expensive gift is not necessary as long as the gift is thoughtful. Roses, chocolates, necklace, card or champagne, any of them is inexpensive but can perfectly create a romantic atmosphere on that day. Less is more. happy_valentines_day_hd-wallpaper

On the one hand, buyers are trying their best to find perfect Valentine gifts for their love. On the other hand, marketers are striving for selling their brand to maximum. How to make products differently? creatively? I would like to share a video with you.

“Uber is a startup that’s figured out a way to create a campaign that delights its audience and drives additional revenue for its business — all without a tremendous resource investment. I mean, their drivers are already on the road, ready to take customers; but if there are Uber customers who don’t need a ride but totally need to send some flowers, and send them with style … well, let’s just say transporting roses at a premium price isn’t much different than transporting people. Except the margins are way better for Uber. ”



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