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HackJam: Beyond Your Imagination

What is HackJam? Why this is so important? Let’s take a look on this “LA Youth HackJam” video first.


HackJam is mainly about to transform one’s ideas into real world solutions with team members. This past Tuesday, my group members and I collaboratively redesigned of “Curious George” to “Radical Rachel.” I truly enjoyed this experience and I felt like our new story had been added more value.




After a 10-minutes brainstorming, we reached an agreement about making a big change on the main character, George. (i.e.  gender, personality, and position.) We crafted a new storyline and restructured the pictures and lines.

Besides doing this fun project, we also addressed some relevant questions of “story hack” to help us find out something deep behind this project. For example, how to use live web content to redesign this story? What important skills we can teach for youth throughout this project? What can we learn from each other?

Exhibition or sharing is a key element to complete a HackJam activity. We celebrated and published our work on Twitter and Facebook after we are done with this project. We used hashtags and retwittered each member’s tweet to attract more attention. Now, I am posting our work on my blog!

Do you have a better idea of “HackJam” now? Do you want to try this some time? Find a space and pick a date, then do it! Don’t forget to get your interactive feedback and share your work with the world!



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