Research Project Reflection 1

Why digital marketing? 

The effect of the Internet and related technologies on business and social institutions is more profound than that of any prior invention, including the printing press and the internal combustion engine. I have two-years extensive experience working with Public Affairs and Marketing department of business firms and media companies. While working, I noticed that marketing plays a key role in shaping the modern consumption led economies fueled by these technologies. I naturally drew attention to online marketing because I found that it combines several of my interests perfectly: writing, designing, technology, etc.

What interests me about Adverblog?

Adverblog is an online blog for people who love digital marketing and advertising. It is the second most popular marketing blog on the Internet. It was founded in 2003 and it has a team from across the globe to bring fresh information to readers 24 hours a day. Their mantra is ”post the best and forget the rest”.

Adverblog covers digital marketing, media and e-commerce, offering insights essential to navigating the changing, competitive and complex digital environment. I always find that their posts are shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Sleek Social Media Icons are placed at the right side bar, which improves social engagement. Email Subscription box is provided at the end of each post, which increases the web Traffic. People in this community focus more on content than design. The style is simple and readable. I do not see many fancy pictures on their pages, but interesting blog posts.

Cultural identity (i.e. race and ethnicity) is a crucial thread in the fabric of people’s identity in Adverblog. In general, these people can be categorized as Europeans, Americans, and Austrilians. Though their physical appearances are different, they share the same social identity – a member of the digital marketing community. I really like and admire this positive atmosphere in Adverblog. It is important to respect for different ethnicities and cultures, and it is not easy understanding people from different cultures.

Also, this cultural identities are warmly embraced atmosphere reminds me of Scollon’s politeness system and politeness strategies. In the example of “Native American Initiatives”, I think the power distance among these people is very small. Because they share the same cultural and social identity, and they always “work together” to comment contemporary marketing modes, create events, and conduct outreach communities.


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