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All About Reputation

Just as Max Nisen said, “In a time where trust in companies is at an all time low, it’s more valuable than ever. That’s not a moral or values based statement, it’s about the impact on the bottom line.” Look at this chart, then you will realize how much investors and consumers reward an outstanding reputation.


As a customer, what do you look first when shopping online? Or, what do you care about most? Price? Quality? Shipping speed? You may say customer reviews will help me decide if I should actually buy the product or service. Okay, here comes next questions: 1. How to motivate customers to tell truth? 2. How to empower them to trust these reviews?


First of all, marketers need to attract right kinds of people. Defining target customer is important because we need to sell right product to right people. For example, if I am trying to sell a car to an old lady, I will probably not persuade her to buy a very fast car. Instead, I will focus on safety and practical features. To be specific, marketers should access to customer online and offline. Internet offers rich opportunities to reach target customers or industries as never before. On the other hand, many people still prefer to get goods offline (e.g. housing, car, furniture).

Secondly, marketers should motivate customers to tell truth. The source for much of this information is, of course, customer review, which has changed the trend of business. In order to get trustful result, many websites verify customers’ rating or reviews online. On the other hand, marketers should empower other customers to trust. It is not an easy procedure from “signaling” to “branding”. Simultaneously, privacy and metrics are the biggest issue in digital marketing world.



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Research Project Reflection 1

Why digital marketing? 

The effect of the Internet and related technologies on business and social institutions is more profound than that of any prior invention, including the printing press and the internal combustion engine. I have two-years extensive experience working with Public Affairs and Marketing department of business firms and media companies. While working, I noticed that marketing plays a key role in shaping the modern consumption led economies fueled by these technologies. I naturally drew attention to online marketing because I found that it combines several of my interests perfectly: writing, designing, technology, etc.

What interests me about Adverblog?

Adverblog is an online blog for people who love digital marketing and advertising. It is the second most popular marketing blog on the Internet. It was founded in 2003 and it has a team from across the globe to bring fresh information to readers 24 hours a day. Their mantra is ”post the best and forget the rest”.

Adverblog covers digital marketing, media and e-commerce, offering insights essential to navigating the changing, competitive and complex digital environment. I always find that their posts are shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Sleek Social Media Icons are placed at the right side bar, which improves social engagement. Email Subscription box is provided at the end of each post, which increases the web Traffic. People in this community focus more on content than design. The style is simple and readable. I do not see many fancy pictures on their pages, but interesting blog posts.

Cultural identity (i.e. race and ethnicity) is a crucial thread in the fabric of people’s identity in Adverblog. In general, these people can be categorized as Europeans, Americans, and Austrilians. Though their physical appearances are different, they share the same social identity – a member of the digital marketing community. I really like and admire this positive atmosphere in Adverblog. It is important to respect for different ethnicities and cultures, and it is not easy understanding people from different cultures.

Also, this cultural identities are warmly embraced atmosphere reminds me of Scollon’s politeness system and politeness strategies. In the example of “Native American Initiatives”, I think the power distance among these people is very small. Because they share the same cultural and social identity, and they always “work together” to comment contemporary marketing modes, create events, and conduct outreach communities.

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V-day Marketing Campaign

If you interview Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory today, he would definitely say that “Valentine’s Day is about spending money to celebrate love.” What he said is true to some degree. Undoubtedly, lovers will be so happy on Valentine’ Day, but who else? Sellers! Yes, especially the retailers! In fact, Valentine’s Day gifts help many businesses meet their bottom line each year. To most couples, the expensive gift is not necessary as long as the gift is thoughtful. Roses, chocolates, necklace, card or champagne, any of them is inexpensive but can perfectly create a romantic atmosphere on that day. Less is more. happy_valentines_day_hd-wallpaper

On the one hand, buyers are trying their best to find perfect Valentine gifts for their love. On the other hand, marketers are striving for selling their brand to maximum. How to make products differently? creatively? I would like to share a video with you.

“Uber is a startup that’s figured out a way to create a campaign that delights its audience and drives additional revenue for its business — all without a tremendous resource investment. I mean, their drivers are already on the road, ready to take customers; but if there are Uber customers who don’t need a ride but totally need to send some flowers, and send them with style … well, let’s just say transporting roses at a premium price isn’t much different than transporting people. Except the margins are way better for Uber. ”


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Spotify: digital age comes

No matter where you go, you are surrounded by a digital world. Technology has impacted and changed everyone’s life. As a person who is always passionate about music, I would like to introduce my new friend, Spotify.There is no doubt to say Spotify has become one of the most influential entertainment industries in this world. Spotify provides digital music service and uses peer-to-peer technology to connect people and share their favorite songs. It was launched in October 2008, and by December 2012, it had reached 20 million members around the world and about 5 million users have purchased a monthly subscription.


Product: In order to satisfy different groups’ need, Spotify splits their product into three categories: free, unlimited, and premium. Free: Users can listen millions of songs with advertisements on their computers (desktop and laptop) Unlimited: Users can listen to unlimited songs without advertisements on their computers online. It costs $4.99/month. Premium: Users can listen on all devices. They can either download music or listen offline. There is no advertisement or commitment. It costs $9.99/month

Promotion: Spotify grows fast and achieves unparalleled success in media entertainment industry because it knows how to apply the right promotions to engage with consumers. For example, it offers 30 days Premium free trail to every Facebook register, which includes enhanced sound quality, offline mode for playlists, taking music abroad, etc. Although it seemed as if they lost profits by giving away a free trail, in fact, they obtained millions of users’ information and marketing intention freely. As a result of its exclusivity, and time limited offer, it made a good impression to users indeed. Besides its basic services, Spotify also draws users’ attention to “social sharing experience.” Unlike Facebook, you can always do “private sharing” with Spotify.

Price: Comparing to other digital music service, $10 per month with unlimited access to millions of songs sounds like a reasonable price for most people.

Place: Just as it said on their website, “with Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more.”


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