Writing in the digital world

Public writing is different from private writing. I was so anxious when I was writing my first blog post since I did not know anything about my audience. I could not stop thinking about that “What should I do if he/she laughed at me when I said something inaccurate or immature”?

On the other hand, I really appreciated this opportunity. I was always the audience member in a group, sitting quietly watching the events unfold in front of me. The stage was so close, but I was never able to be the actress, to be the one everyone was watching. But this Digital Literacy course finally gave me the chance to do some public writing. I was finally given such an opportunity when I was required to run a professional blog for my Digital Literacy course. Three weeks later, I truly enjoy this type of writing. This is a place where I express my thoughts and opinions about different concepts of digital marketing. This blog helps me to find what is my strength and weakness of knowledge.


As time went by, I developed my blog objectives in two ways. My professional objectives were to expand my knowledge about digital marketing and communications, and to reflect, connect, and share ideas about digital literacy that I had learned in class. My personal objective was to demonstrate my sensitivity to culture and ethnic diversity; as well as to improve my personal growth and my awareness of technology in education.

I’m so happy I gained a lot of new learning experiences from my Digital Literacy class and this blog. I would like to continue my blog and share more ideas about marketing and social media with you.

What’s your experience of writing in this digital world? Do you feel safe, confident, and comfortable? Write it down and #diglits it!


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